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Partner With Purpose: How To Give With Lasting Impact

At Kids With Purpose, we're redefining institutional care. On top of conventional support we provide to our children, we empower them to have a hope and a future.

While essentials like food, clothing, and shelter are vital for survival, we believe that imparting purpose equips them to thrive. We raise our children to understand that they have the power not just to be passive beneficiaries; they're encouraged to be generous with their time and resources—whether they are reunited with their families, fostered or adopted, or transition to independent living.

A picture of this is when we involve our children in charitable outreaches. This approach exists because of our partnership with Shoreline Church, established by Kevin and Ashley Wickham, who have organized yearly mission trips to the Philippines with us for over a decade. While we deeply appreciate their support through donations, but what truly distinguishes them is the heartfelt lessons they impart through every outreach.

Get to know their story by watching their interview in this video:


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