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Our 2023 Highlights

Thanks to your prayers and support, our home had so much to be grateful for in 2023. Here's a summary of each highlight of each month.


We secured our public solicitation permit.

This permit enables us to organize fundraising events locally in the Philippines. It's been a journey collaborating with the government for this, and we can't stress enough how crucial this permit is in fostering trust. Entering this year, we were eager to delve into fresh approaches to involve communities in supporting our children through financial contributions.


One of our boys was adopted.

When questioned about his emotions at that moment, the boy would respond with a simple "Half-half...", a sentiment that resonated with all of us. It was a bittersweet week for us—a celebration of the answered prayer but also marked by the heartache of saying goodbye to a family member. This experience serves as a meaningful reminder of our mission to guide kids toward discovering their purpose in life.


A volunteer led two educational talks.

Teacher Hannah, who is also a licensed doctor, spent two days with us to teach two important discussions. The first, "Child’s Rights and Child Protection," equipped our kids with knowledge about laws protecting them from abuse. The second, "Violence Against Women and Children," covered delicate subjects with care and sensitivity, especially with the awareness of the challenging backgrounds many children have.


We welcomed three boys into our home.

All under the age of six, moving into a new place was a significant change for them, considering the unique hurdles they've faced. Despite that, they've adapted well, finding their groove among the other kids and staff. We're delighted to see them engaged in activities around our home, from attending church services to splashing around in our pool. Also, after caring for him temporarily, one of the boys has been reunited with his family members.


Our kids attended educational field trips.

These school-mandated activities were meaningful learning opportunities for them and their classmates. Together, they stepped beyond the usual classroom setting to have both fun and educational experiences. The younger kids explored Manila Zoo, while the older ones had a great time at Enchanted Kingdom.


Our Assembly Hall was renovated.

We gave thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness by having our first worship service in the newly renovated space. Before renovations, we had no roof, air conditioning units, and permanent television setup. But now, rain or shine, hot or cold weather, we come together in this comfortable place for worship time, workshops, celebrations, and fellowship.


Shoreline Church had a mission trip with us.

This experience wasn't just about our kids receiving; it was about fostering their direct engagement in giving time, effort, and love to two vulnerable communities in the Philippines—the Dumagat tribe in Tanay, Rizal, and an informal settlement in Tondo, Manila. Our kids immersed themselves in these communities, generously sharing their time, talents, and the wisdom of the gospel with the kids there.


All our kids started the new school year.

Thanks to your generosity, everyone was able to enroll. Last year, we had three graduates. One graduated from elementary school with honors and received two special awards, while two other children graduated from junior high school. Additionally, seven of our students moved up a year level. Lastly, for our two boys under the age of six, they are being homeschooled by Teacher Rica and Teacher Joan, two dedicated volunteers.


Network for Enterprising Women visited.

Professionals from this organization taught both life skills and life lessons. The kids got a chance to delve into their personal passions and missions, connecting them to future vocations and professions using a Japanese Ikigai Diagram. Plus, they had a blast filling out slam books, getting to know themselves and each other better. These moments really make us grateful for mentors who take the time to guide our kids toward their futures.


We launched #PartnerWithPurpose.

This fundraiser aims to support our kids' education and medical needs for 2024. Our goal is to provide everything they need for school, including tuition, uniforms, supplies, and transportation. We also aim to offer medical support for immunity against diseases like chickenpox, hepatitis, measles, mumps, and rubella.

Thanks to your generosity, we've raised 28.7% of our $13,000 target, securing $3,727.87. Additionally, three teens received full scholarships. While there's more to achieve, we're optimistic that continued support will help meet all our needs for 2024!


Our kids starred in a church musical.

Our kids showcased their talents in "The Greatest Son Musical" with Victory Las Piñas. Over 700 attendees from Victory Alabang supported the show, contributing financially through pledge cards and purchasing merchandise by Studio Impact. The musical conveyed a powerful message about the importance of families and communities standing with orphaned children.

Additionally, we were invited to the Nationwide Gift Giving Day at Malacañang Palace. The government and local organizations collaborated to provide gifts to vulnerable children during the holiday season.


We celebrated Christmas together.

Our prayer is for each of them to experience the holidays with a safe, loving, and permanent family to call their own. In the meantime, we had our own Christmas dinner with all the kids and staff. We're also thankful for the warmth, generosity, and hospitality of our friends from Generations—Home and Victory Las Piñas, who thoughtfully organized Christmas dinners for our children.


As we welcome a new year, we'd like to once again thank you for everything you've done to help our kids understand that they have a purpose in life. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2024.

With love and gratitude,

The Kids With Purpose International Family


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