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The Greatest Show: Our Kids Shine in Church Musical

“I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as we did!” - Iris*, 16 years old, dancer at The Greatest Son

The second run of "The Greatest Son" was nothing short of a miracle, bringing together at least 700 members of the church community from Victory Alabang to watch the show. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our friends and family from Victory Las Piñas, the musical became more than just a production; it became a powerful narrative shedding light on how orphaned and abandoned children need families and communities to stand with them. The first run of the play was in Victory Las Piñas last 2022, and the second run was just as meaningful, powerful, and exciting!

Our kids from Kids With Purpose showcased not only their talents and passion in performing through the show, because as young as they are, they advocated for themselves and other children who need safe, loving, and permanent families.

To prepare for the show, they happily spent several weekends practicing their performances and arranging set decorations, bonding with the teens and children from Victory Las Piñas and connecting with the mentors who taught them how to act, sing, and dance. Here are some messages from our kids:

First, we have words from Martin*, who bravely took on one of the roles as a lead actor in the play. He shares, “My role in 'The Greatest Son' is as an actor, and I enjoyed rehearsing with my co-actors in the play. I love worshiping the Lord by acting and singing.”

Then JP, who is currently going through our Independent Living Program, served not only as a dancer but also as an assistant coach who taught the other kids the moves for the play. He shared, “My role in the greatest son is a dancer and coach. I learned I should be patient in teaching, time management, and discipline.”

Another dancer was Ciara*, who was proud to share, “I participated as a dancer last year, and this year too. Through this musical, I learned fun new dance routines with other children who have the same interests in me in dancing. I learned to boost my confidence and enhance my talents by showing it to a lot of people—like hundreds!”

Lastly, we have Iris*, who wasn’t interested in being part of the play last year, but after seeing the fun that her friends had decided to join this year. She shares, “Last year I watched and enjoyed the show in Victory Las Piñas. This year, I decided to become one of the dancers of the show, and because of this, I was able to have new friends who like dancing just like me. I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as we did!”

The story of "The Greatest Son" was definitely meaningful. It was an honor for us to see a church community write a story to advocate for families. The plot revolves around a children's home facing displacement due to the construction of a new performing arts center, effectively highlighting how children from institutions can often be overlooked, often aging out without finding a permanent home.

The powerful collaboration between Victory Las Piñas and Victory Alabang not only provided a platform for the voices of those involved in the orphan crisis but also showcased the power of community and compassion in addressing and supporting those in need. As the curtain fell on "The Greatest Son," it left a lasting impact on the audience, serving as a reminder of the importance of compassion, generosity, and action in creating real and lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children.

We also invited our partners from Generations—Home, represented by their Executive Director and Founder Chrina Henson, to shed light that the church can also continue to be involved in the lives of orphaned children through adoption, foster care, and mentorship. Afterwards, there was a touching moment when the pastors from Victory Alabang went on stage to pray for us and all those who also advocate for the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

We felt so much love and support the entire evening, and we’re excited to continue seeing church communities come together to uplift, empower, and advocate for all orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children as well. 

If you’re interested to know more about how to partner with our home and give to our programs, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message at!


*Not their real names Photos by Krizia, Danae, and Alvin from Victory Alabang


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