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Independent Living Program

While our hope and prayer is for every child to be placed in a permanent family—whether through reintegration, foster care, or adoption—this is sadly not the reality for all. For those who are 12 years and older, as well as those who have special needs, adoption is especially more challenging.

Many of these kids and teens are left behind children’s homes like KWPI. It is undeniably the most heartbreaking aspect of our work to tell a child that his or her case "has been closed for adoption." This means that there is now no longer any chance for that child to have a forever home. No family to belong to. No relatives to spend the holidays with. No home to call their own.

In many children’s homes, these children are transferred or referred to other agencies. Because KWPI wants these children to continue to dream and to hope for a brighter future, we initiated an Independent Living Program where “un-adopted” children are continuously supported and guided. Through this program, they continue to hope, work for their goals, achieve their dreams, fulfill their purpose, and be reintegrated to communities for independent living.

Ultimately, this program aims to be another path which leads children to thrive in life.

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I am Japanese and I live in BACOOR city.

This is my first time to know about your activities. I am very impressed.

I am wondering if there is anything I can do to help.

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