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Empowering Our Children: Not Just Receivers, But Givers of Blessings

The common expectation for kids who grow up in children's homes is that they live only receiving help through charity. At Kids With Purpose, we intentionally go beyond traditional care because we nurture our kids to discover their purpose in life—not just to simply survive, but also to thrive.

Last July, our good friends and beloved partners from Shoreline Church visited us for a mission trip. This trip wasn't solely intended for our kids to be beneficiaries; rather, its focus was on developing their active involvement in dedicating time, effort, and love to two vulnerable communities in the Philippines: the Dumagat tribe in Tanay, Rizal, and an informal settlement in Tondo, Manila.

OUTREACH in a rural tribe

One of the highlights of this mission trip was our day-trip to the Dumagat tribe. Through the generous support of partners, we provided groceries for 47 families within the tribe. Through the Shoreline team, our kids didn't just give material blessings; they also shared the message of hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

On top of packing and distributing food, our kids experienced the joy of handing out Bibles to families within the community. In the words of Moses, one of our older kids, “Nakakaproud po na yung mga binigay naming blessings, hindi po temporary. Gospel po siya kaya habang buhay siya.” (I'm proud that the blessings we gave aren't temporary. We shared the gospel, and that's eternal).


Another impactful outreach took place in Tondo, Manila, in collaboration with the local non-profit organization Project Pearls. Through the contributions they received from their community, Shoreline Church was able to sponsor breakfast for approximately 400 children and adults in Happyland, Tondo. To provide some background, this is one of the poorest urban communities in the Philippines, where families live inside and around dumpsites.

Our children from KWPI were in charge of serving this community a nutritious breakfast and teaching the young children arts and crafts, which were brain-boosting recreational activities created by Project Pearls. This act of service not only embodied KWPI's mission to empower their children with purpose, but also showcased the love and compassion our kids carry within them.


We'd like to thank Ashley and Kevin Wickham, the driving forces behind this valuable partnership. They've been connected to us for 14 years, and their commitment is evident not only in their financial support but also in how they return every year to spend time to connect with and mentor our kids.

The journey continues for us, as we raise children to have hope for the future, preparing them to be arrows of hope and truth in the world. While the outreaches may have only lasted a few days, our prayer is that what our children learned will positively impact how they view themselves and the communities around them. As this year's mission with Shoreline Church comes to a close, may our eyes be open to the realities of our world, our hearts ready to love those who are vulnerable, and our hands ready to help and serve others through God's grace.

If you want to support our mission, we'd love to connect with you! Take action and give to our home via Pushpay, PayPal, or direct transfer to our bank. You can also learn more about adopting, fostering, mentoring, serving, or hosting through this link.


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